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Professional Drying Equipment placed in hotel room to  mitigate water damage

SERVPRO of Ocala professional drying equipment

No matter the size of the facility affected by water damage, SERVPRO of Ocala can and will respond with any type of professional drying equipment to mitigate the damage. We have over 40 years of water damage experience and have managed all types of room sizes and shapes. Our trained SERVPRO professionals know when to place the equipment, how to place the equipment and how many types of drying equipment to set up to dry out your building safe and fast! We monitor the equipment everyday to make sure we are reaching maximum drying performance. Would you like to know more about the Science of Drying? call today and ask for one of our SERVPRO professionals. 352-732-6630 We are always happy to help and ready for whatever happens.

Quick but Deadly Storm causes Tree Damage in Ocala, FL.

SERVPRO of Ocala was called out to a home where a large oak tree slammed into the house as shown in the photo. Tree branches tore through the roof, walls and windows. The family inside was not hurt but badly shaken. What is surprising to everyone is how fast and sudden this storm came up. The winds were so strong within seconds this damage occurred. This goes to show that no weather can be taken lightly when it looks like it won't add up to much. The SERVPRO crew sprang into action getting the tarp on the roof and the family out with the aid of the local Marion County Florida Red Cross.   

Hurricane Flood Damage-SERVPRO of Ocala Storm Teams

The photo shows the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael 2018. Like Ocala Florida and surrounding areas this has been the after math of such storms. SERVPRO of Ocala is part of the national storm teams and we were glad we could be a small part of the clean up efforts for the folks in this ravaged area. This will be a long slow process to recover from such destruction. We have seen first hand what type of loss is suffered by Florida families because of hurricanes such as this one. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

Applying Antimicrobial after Flooding in Ocala, FL.

When flood waters caused by storms enter a home or business they bring with them tons of contaminants. Besides the water damage itself causing damage to wood, drywall, furniture, etc. the water now has contaminated the contents and structure. Once the material is removed and dried, antimicrobial, disinfectant is applied by the SERVPRO of Ocala professional, destroying harmful bacteria and preventing mold growth. 

Restaurant Fire Odor in Ocala, FL.

The last thing any restaurant would want would be flow smelling odors. This is what this local Ocala, FL. restaurant had to deal with when they discovered a pan in one of their ovens burning with food. Fire damage can be a bad source of strong odor especially when its a protein based fire. Protein when burnt can send off strong sour odors through the area. SERVPRO of Ocala has the training and 45 years of fire cleanup and restoration experience to eliminate strong odors.   

Exhaust Fan Causes Fire in Ocala, FL.

Where their is smoke there is Fire! but would you think a bathroom exhaust fan would be the cause? We use them everyday in homes and like the photo shows, in places of business. The owner of this Ocala Florida busniess did not expect to have to call out the Marion County Florida Fire Department when they discovered the bathroom exhaust fan sparked and then burst into flames. The smoke and soot rolled out of the bathroom and found its way up into the HVAC's return that spred the odor and soot everywhere. SERVPRO of Ocala was called in and within a few weeks had it cleaned up and restored. The folks at this local business where very impressed.

Insurance Agent's Office Water Damage in Ocala, FL.

One of our Ocala Florida insurance agency's had a water damage and called SERVPRO of Ocala for help. We were happy and honored to help out a local Marion County Florida business that has also recommended our services. It goes to show that everyone is not immune to the possibilities of a water damage in your home or place of business. Even the very folks that help homeowners and commercial building that suffer water damages get the help they need sometimes need SERVPRO's expertise as well.

Small Water Damage Interrupted Commercial Business in Ocala, FL.

This is the result of a water damage that appeared to be small but the water made its way throughout this commercial office facility to cause a temporary interruption of the day to day operations. Office furniture etc. had to be displaced to make room for the drying equipment. This was a medical facility so important documents and closets had to be open for equipment and the SERVPRO of Ocala crews to get in. Even what seems to be a small water damage can turn out to be large in its annoying manner to cause people and work spaces to be moved in order to try and keep working.

Roof Damage from Hurricane Winds

This Panama City Florida home was damaged after hurricane force winds blew shingles off the roof. The inside suffered water damage from the rain. SERVPRO of Ocala storm teams where there to help with the clean up and making sure the structure was safe to enter. The folks who lived there where very happy to have our team from Ocala Florida help them start to recover from this bad hurricane.

Commercial Assisted Living Lobby Fire

When paper was accidently thrown into this gas fire place, it caught fire quickly and sent out a quick burst of flames and smoke. As the photos shows it scorched and blackened the ceilings and surrounding wall. Luckily no one was injured. What the photo does not reveal is the sprinkler system head just above the fire place. Had that gone off the damage might have been far worse. SERVPRO of Ocala was very happy to come to the rescue and get this beautiful assisted living facility back to normal and clean!

Commercial HVAC Cleaning of all types

SERVPRO of Ocala was called in to help with the restoration of this commercial building. The HVAC system was in bad need of repair and cleaning. SERVPRO of Ocala has grown in the past years in the ability to clean all types of commercial HVAC and Air Ducts systems. We are always proud whenever one of our local Marion County Florida businesses call on us for help.

Thermal Imaging used by SERVPRO of Ocala Professional

SERVPRO of Ocala's owner, Greg Williams is seen here using a Thermal Imaging Camera to detect the difference in temperature in this glued down carpet. Once our drying equipment is in place and running, there is still the need to check every day to make sure the drying results are being achieved.

In decades past, the best way to find moisture in a home or commercial facility was to rip into drywall or to pull back flooring. This, of course, was an invasive way to find leaks and standing water. Today, SERVPRO of Ocala professionals can often use an infrared camera for water leak detection. Thermal imaging is basically using a tool to detect slight temperature differentials inside or outside of a home or business. The infrared camera used for thermal imaging creates a visual map that allows the user to pinpoint the exact location of leaks and moisture.

High Humidity= Mold Growth

Sometimes, humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Indoor relative humidity (RH) should be kept below 60 percent -- ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible.

The photo shows mold growth on walls and ceilings as a result of high humidity because the home was closed up with little or no air conditioning.

To the untrained eye, air conditioners cool your home by blowing cool air into it; the truth is that air conditioners remove the heat and humidity from your living spaces while blowing cool air into it. ACs are able to remove heat and humidity due to the refrigerant in the system.

Nail Salon Fire Damage-Ocala, FL

A local nail salon caught fire when a nail drying machine overheated busting into flames. The photo shows the damage done in the area of the machine. What it doesn't show is the cell phone company next door in this shopping plaza and the water damage caused by the fire department's excellent response to put out the flames before any further damage could happen. Besides the smoke and heat damage, the machine is made out of plastic and this type of material can be difficult to remove from all surfaces including the HVAC. SERVPRO of Ocala performed wonderfully removing the debris and odor. Please see the next door cell phone company photo in our Photo Gallery to show the damage they sustained. 

Water Damage from Fire Next Door-Ocala, FL

This cell phone store suffered water damage to their showroom and storage room when a fire broke out next door in a nail salon store. This can sometimes be the after effects of a fire even when its not directly related to your building. SERVPRO of Ocala was glad to help in the dry out and deodorizing of their store. Everyone was thankful for the quick response of our local fire department keeping the fire contained. We salute our brave men and women of the First Responders in our community.

Shopping Center Flooding-Ocala, Fl

A micro-burst of rain flooded a large shopping center in Ocala, Fl. SERVPRO of Ocala was called in to help with the wind and water intrusion in several commercial facilities. The photo was taken by a SERVPRO of Ocala emergency crew on their way into the area. The photo shows how fast the waters are rising stranding shoppers inside the stores and reaching as high as car doors. Storm damage like this type is unexpected and unpredictable.Besides ground water intruding into the buildings, the high winds caused roof damage and allows tons of water to pour in as well. This is one of many reasons to be aware and ready to call because SERVPRO of Ocala is ready to respond to any size damage day and night. Call 352-732-6630

Fire in a Business in Ocala, FL

Both water and fire can really cause havoc in a building. But when Fire breaks out in a fully operational  business, than this can really be detrimental. This photo is one such example. This call center is operated 24/7 taking calls and dispatching out the calls to their clients. A fire started when an electronic devise located on a desk bust into flames. Smoke, heat and panic caused the center to stop all operations and evacuate employees for safety precautions. The fire department arrived and cleared the area so the business could start back up again. But can you imagine if this fire had been larger and caused even more damage? This business could have been shut down for months! SERVPRO of Ocala was called out to begin the cleanup and deodorization process. Within days the area effected including the HVAC system was cleaned and sanitized.   

Damaged Floors due to Water Intrusion in Summerfield, FL

These hard wood floors can be seen buckled and discolored because of a leaking pipe in the wall. Yet there was no indication that the pipe was leaking until the floors began to buckle. The homeowner was unaware of any water intrusion going on. This is one reason it is so important to call out SERVPRO of Ocala and let the professionals find the water that is hidden. It's the water that Can't be seen or felt that can cause damage unexpectedly. Notice as well please the green "air scrubber" and the spray applicator. The scrubber is keeping the air clean of dust particles as the crew was cutting out the dry wall and the soon to be removed flooring. The sprayer is filled with a safe botanical Anti-microbial. This spray will help disinfect the area that has been damaged by the unseen water.  

Building a Containment in Lady Lake, FL

Large commercial buildings that have a mold issue sometimes need large containment built.When a large building area (more than 30 sq.ft. of contiguous moldy material) is to be cleaned, use of negative air and dust containment are appropriate. Our SERVPRO of Ocala Crew photo shows use of strong 2x4 wood construction frames to support a 6-mil poly dust barrier giving a passage through a building into the mold cleanup area. It is important that the mold contractor protect workers performing remediation using appropriate masks, clothing, etc. Do not take down the mold demolition dust containment barrier before the building has successfully passed a mold remediation clearance inspection and test. If the cleanup was not complete, properly performed, and successful, early dust barrier removal risks cross-contamination into other building areas.

Water Line can cause Big Problems, Ocala FL

The photo shows what can happen when a simple water line to a sink in this hair salon broke. SERVPRO of Ocala crews responded and cleared out the contents in this hair salon after a water line to a sink failed. Of course water damage is never good but its even worse after hours when no one is around to shut off the water. Even though the floors are concrete, the water ran a long time covering the area and saturating the drywall. Furniture, rugs, etc. can be damaged by water in businesses and homes. Its important to respond as quickly as possible to begin the extraction and get the water out! SERVPRO of Ocala has 24/7 live consultants on call to ask the right questions and dispatch out our crews.

Commercial Building Mold Damage, Ocala FL

Ocala, Fl. SERVPRO of Ocala was hired to clean out and clean up this heavy mold damaged storage file room. The commercial business did not realize just how bad this had become until they decided to renovate these rooms. Its a good thing SERVPRO of Ocala has over 40 years experience helping commercial and residential owners with this size mold problems. The business was very happy with the results!

Happy Customer Mold Remediation Job, The Villages, FL

The homeowner of this home was super happy to see the wonderful Mold Remediation that the crew of SERVPRO of Ocala completed. Mold was found all through out the home upon an inspection and mold testing done by a third party Industrial Hygienists. SERVPRO of Ocala was recommended to the homeowner. They never thought their home could be this clean and sanitized until the project was done. Thanks to our great crew for doing an incredible job!   

Large Water Damage-City Of Ocala, FL

The City of Ocala's Water Resources Building flooded due to a pipe break. SERVPRO of Ocala was called and responded quickly. Over 6000 sq ft was effected by the water which impacted over 25 rooms. 128 Air Movers placed and 15 Commercial Dehumidifiers. Within hours the SERVPRO Crews had material removed that needed to be and the equipment placed. The photo you see is only a small portion of the damaged building. 

Large Commercial Fire-Church Ocala, Fl

Photo of SERVPRO of Ocala professional technicians Brian and Michael. They are dress in full PPE because of the heavy soot that has contaminated the structure and insulation. The HVAC in the church caught up all the smoke and soot and spread it through out the building making a huge smoke and soot nightmare. SERVPRO of Ocala was called in to inspect and begin the long slow process of smoke and soot cleanup. Professional Air purifiers like you see in the photo, were used to keep the indoor air as safe as possible while the crew was cleaning. This was long hot commercial fire clean up and restoration. We thank Brian and Michael for their hard dedicated work.

Ocala Flooding

Hurricane Irma not only brought high winds to Ocala and Marion County but also brought over 16" of rain.  This excessive amount of rain flooded many roads, businesses and homes.  SERVPRO of Ocala was proud of our crews and how many property owners we were able to help in their time of need.

Lightning Strike Fire

A lightning strike to the breaker box at a memory care facility caused this fire. Unfortunately the damage was extensive through out the kitchen, dining and attic area requiring a large amount of restoration.  SERVPRO of Ocala was able to complete the repairs and make the facility better than preloss condition. The fact that SERVPRO of Ocala was able to respond fast and start work in restoring the facility is why the facility manager called SERVPRO of Ocala.

Condominium Leak

This condominium had a roof leak thanks to Hurricane Irma.  The hurricane force winds blew the barrel tile roof off of the condominium in Crystal River, Florida.  The ceilings and walls in the master bathroom were soaked from the rain.  The owners had evacuated due to the storm and upon arrival home found this mess.  Thank goodness their Community Association Manager (CAM) knew to call SERVPRO of Ocala to make it "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Doctor's Office

This was a unique loss, even for our industry. We received a call early one Sunday morning from a Doctors office regarding a flood.  While gathering information for our first notice of loss we asked what the source was.  The owner stated that the glue that held the mirror on in the employee bathroom gave way.  The mirror then slid down behind the bathroom vanity severing both the hot and cold water supply lines to the sink flooding about 4,000 sqft of office space. SERVPRO of Ocala responded fast with expert results. This is one of many reasons why so many commercial businesses rely on SERVPRO of Ocala 

Drone Battery Fire

This commercial office sustained fire and smoke damage due to an over heated battery.  Luckily the office manager was working late when she heard the drone explode.  She was able to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

2019 CE Seminar for Realtors, Insurance Agents and CAM's

SERVPRO of Ocala is excited this year 2019 to offer 2 CE Classes for our local Insurance Agents, Adjusters, Realtors and Community Association Managers. What makes these classes a little more special is where we are holding the classes. The College of Central Florida one of our Commercial Clients has offered a wonderful training conference room on the campus. This way all attendees can tour the campus while there if they choose. This is one of many reasons why theses professionals call on SERVPRO of Ocala.

Burger King Fire, Ocala, FL

SERVPRO of Ocala was called out to clean up and restore a local Burger King restaurant that caught fire. Crews and Project Management did a great job in the months to come cleaning sanitizing and restoring the restaurant. During the process many folks would pull up to the drive through not realizing it was closed. Read what the owners of the restaurant having a good positive sense of humor, put on their sign you see in the photo, so cool! SERVPRO of Ocala was proud to help this local business get back up and running!

The Waterfront Inn Water Damage, The Villages FL

A shower overflowed on the top floor of this beautiful Hotel located at Lake Sumter Landing square-The Villages, Floridacausing damaged to all 4 floors. Ceilings gave way to the amount of water andmultiple rooms, hallways even the 1st floor kitchen and pool baths were affected. SERVPRO of Ocala arrived within 30minutes of the call. Crews begin the emergency water mitigation services and within hours all areas that suffereddamages where being stabilized.8 days later Ms. Kitt, General Manager for the Hotel signed the SERVPRO Certificate of Satisfaction. SERVPRO of Ocala is very proud of all our Crew Chiefs, Technicians and Jacob Cox, Project Manager who guided crew, Hotel Managementalong with Insurance Professionals to asuccessful outcome.

SERVPRO Awards Spanning 40 Years

The Williams Family started their SERVPRO of Ocala franchise in 1974 making us one of the nation's oldest and successful SERVPRO Franchise as shown by the many SERVPRO Awards earned over the years. A business cannot achieve customer loyalty like SERVPRO of Ocala has year after year unless it provides consistent and honest service to the community and beyond. SERVPRO of Ocala is a leader in the fire and water cleanup and restoration industry and that's why thousands have used our tried and tested customer service.

Mike Webb-SERVPRO of Ocala-Educating and Consulting

Mike Webb SERVPRO of Ocala Consultant & Marketing Manager guest speaker for the International Facility Management Association. Mike has been with SERVPRO since 2015 providing education and consulting regarding the Fire and Water Restoration Industry. All types of professionals such as Property Managers, Risk Managers, City, County and Government entities have been helped by having Mike provide seminars. The topics for the last 5 years have been "Hurricane Preparedness" here in Florida. The last 3 years Mike has been a sponsor and approved Vendor for the Marion County Emergency Operations Center. Every year this event host the many Health Facilities in and around the county. The focus is emergency response and relocation, along with disaster response regarding shooter in facility. Mike has already developed several SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plans with some of the attendees.   

Trucks staging to be loaded to help Louisiana flood victims.

Crews from SERVPRO of Ocala load trucks getting ready to leave out today to offer help to the homes and businesses flooded in Louisiana.....Approximately 280,000 people live in the areas that flooded, according to an analysis the chamber released Friday. In those flood-affected areas are 110,000 homes worth a combined $20.7 million and more than 7,000 businesses — about one in every five businesses in the region — that together employ more than 73,000 people.

Hurricane Hermine hits Crystal River Fl.

Our SERVPRO crews have been in Crystal River Florida since Friday September 2, 2016 helping residence after the awful flooding as this photo shows. Both residential and commercial building were damage due to winds and water. SERVPRO of Ocala crews have been working around the clock with other local SERVPRO storm team crews. It hard to see homes and business that we are use to seeing year after year damage like this, but we are resolved to help get the Crystal River community back up and running. SERVPRO of Ocala is grateful to the homeowners and business owners who have giving us their support 100%!