Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

High Humidity= Mold Growth

Sometimes, humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Indoor relative humidity (RH) should be kept below 60 percent -- ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible.

The photo shows mold growth on walls and ceilings as a result of high humidity because the home was closed up with little or no air conditioning.

To the untrained eye, air conditioners cool your home by blowing cool air into it; the truth is that air conditioners remove the heat and humidity from your living spaces while blowing cool air into it. ACs are able to remove heat and humidity due to the refrigerant in the system.

Building a Containment in Lady Lake, FL

Large commercial buildings that have a mold issue sometimes need large containment built.When a large building area (more than 30 sq.ft. of contiguous moldy material) is to be cleaned, use of negative air and dust containment are appropriate. Our SERVPRO of Ocala Crew photo shows use of strong 2x4 wood construction frames to support a 6-mil poly dust barrier giving a passage through a building into the mold cleanup area. It is important that the mold contractor protect workers performing remediation using appropriate masks, clothing, etc. Do not take down the mold demolition dust containment barrier before the building has successfully passed a mold remediation clearance inspection and test. If the cleanup was not complete, properly performed, and successful, early dust barrier removal risks cross-contamination into other building areas.

Commercial Building Mold Damage, Ocala FL

Ocala, Fl. SERVPRO of Ocala was hired to clean out and clean up this heavy mold damaged storage file room. The commercial business did not realize just how bad this had become until they decided to renovate these rooms. Its a good thing SERVPRO of Ocala has over 40 years experience helping commercial and residential owners with this size mold problems. The business was very happy with the results!

Happy Customer Mold Remediation Job, The Villages, FL

The homeowner of this home was super happy to see the wonderful Mold Remediation that the crew of SERVPRO of Ocala completed. Mold was found all through out the home upon an inspection and mold testing done by a third party Industrial Hygienists. SERVPRO of Ocala was recommended to the homeowner. They never thought their home could be this clean and sanitized until the project was done. Thanks to our great crew for doing an incredible job!