Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Restaurant Fire Odor in Ocala, FL.

The last thing any restaurant would want would be flow smelling odors. This is what this local Ocala, FL. restaurant had to deal with when they discovered a pan in one of their ovens burning with food. Fire damage can be a bad source of strong odor especially when its a protein based fire. Protein when burnt can send off strong sour odors through the area. SERVPRO of Ocala has the training and 45 years of fire cleanup and restoration experience to eliminate strong odors.   

Exhaust Fan Causes Fire in Ocala, FL.

Where their is smoke there is Fire! but would you think a bathroom exhaust fan would be the cause? We use them everyday in homes and like the photo shows, in places of business. The owner of this Ocala Florida busniess did not expect to have to call out the Marion County Florida Fire Department when they discovered the bathroom exhaust fan sparked and then burst into flames. The smoke and soot rolled out of the bathroom and found its way up into the HVAC's return that spred the odor and soot everywhere. SERVPRO of Ocala was called in and within a few weeks had it cleaned up and restored. The folks at this local business where very impressed.

Nail Salon Fire Damage-Ocala, FL

A local nail salon caught fire when a nail drying machine overheated busting into flames. The photo shows the damage done in the area of the machine. What it doesn't show is the cell phone company next door in this shopping plaza and the water damage caused by the fire department's excellent response to put out the flames before any further damage could happen. Besides the smoke and heat damage, the machine is made out of plastic and this type of material can be difficult to remove from all surfaces including the HVAC. SERVPRO of Ocala performed wonderfully removing the debris and odor. Please see the next door cell phone company photo in our Photo Gallery to show the damage they sustained. 

Fire in a Business in Ocala, FL

Both water and fire can really cause havoc in a building. But when Fire breaks out in a fully operational  business, than this can really be detrimental. This photo is one such example. This call center is operated 24/7 taking calls and dispatching out the calls to their clients. A fire started when an electronic devise located on a desk bust into flames. Smoke, heat and panic caused the center to stop all operations and evacuate employees for safety precautions. The fire department arrived and cleared the area so the business could start back up again. But can you imagine if this fire had been larger and caused even more damage? This business could have been shut down for months! SERVPRO of Ocala was called out to begin the cleanup and deodorization process. Within days the area effected including the HVAC system was cleaned and sanitized.   

Large Commercial Fire-Church Ocala, Fl

Photo of SERVPRO of Ocala professional technicians Brian and Michael. They are dress in full PPE because of the heavy soot that has contaminated the structure and insulation. The HVAC in the church caught up all the smoke and soot and spread it through out the building making a huge smoke and soot nightmare. SERVPRO of Ocala was called in to inspect and begin the long slow process of smoke and soot cleanup. Professional Air purifiers like you see in the photo, were used to keep the indoor air as safe as possible while the crew was cleaning. This was long hot commercial fire clean up and restoration. We thank Brian and Michael for their hard dedicated work.

Burger King Fire, Ocala, FL

SERVPRO of Ocala was called out to clean up and restore a local Burger King restaurant that caught fire. Crews and Project Management did a great job in the months to come cleaning sanitizing and restoring the restaurant. During the process many folks would pull up to the drive through not realizing it was closed. Read what the owners of the restaurant having a good positive sense of humor, put on their sign you see in the photo, so cool! SERVPRO of Ocala was proud to help this local business get back up and running!