Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Quick but Deadly Storm causes Tree Damage in Ocala, FL.

SERVPRO of Ocala was called out to a home where a large oak tree slammed into the house as shown in the photo. Tree branches tore through the roof, walls and windows. The family inside was not hurt but badly shaken. What is surprising to everyone is how fast and sudden this storm came up. The winds were so strong within seconds this damage occurred. This goes to show that no weather can be taken lightly when it looks like it won't add up to much. The SERVPRO crew sprang into action getting the tarp on the roof and the family out with the aid of the local Marion County Florida Red Cross.   

Hurricane Flood Damage-SERVPRO of Ocala Storm Teams

The photo shows the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael 2018. Like Ocala Florida and surrounding areas this has been the after math of such storms. SERVPRO of Ocala is part of the national storm teams and we were glad we could be a small part of the clean up efforts for the folks in this ravaged area. This will be a long slow process to recover from such destruction. We have seen first hand what type of loss is suffered by Florida families because of hurricanes such as this one. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

Applying Antimicrobial after Flooding in Ocala, FL.

When flood waters caused by storms enter a home or business they bring with them tons of contaminants. Besides the water damage itself causing damage to wood, drywall, furniture, etc. the water now has contaminated the contents and structure. Once the material is removed and dried, antimicrobial, disinfectant is applied by the SERVPRO of Ocala professional, destroying harmful bacteria and preventing mold growth. 

Roof Damage from Hurricane Winds

This Panama City Florida home was damaged after hurricane force winds blew shingles off the roof. The inside suffered water damage from the rain. SERVPRO of Ocala storm teams where there to help with the clean up and making sure the structure was safe to enter. The folks who lived there where very happy to have our team from Ocala Florida help them start to recover from this bad hurricane.

Ocala Flooding

Hurricane Irma not only brought high winds to Ocala and Marion County but also brought over 16" of rain.  This excessive amount of rain flooded many roads, businesses and homes.  SERVPRO of Ocala was proud of our crews and how many property owners we were able to help in their time of need.

Trucks staging to be loaded to help Louisiana flood victims.

Crews from SERVPRO of Ocala load trucks getting ready to leave out today to offer help to the homes and businesses flooded in Louisiana.....Approximately 280,000 people live in the areas that flooded, according to an analysis the chamber released Friday. In those flood-affected areas are 110,000 homes worth a combined $20.7 million and more than 7,000 businesses — about one in every five businesses in the region — that together employ more than 73,000 people.

Hurricane Hermine hits Crystal River Fl.

Our SERVPRO crews have been in Crystal River Florida since Friday September 2, 2016 helping residence after the awful flooding as this photo shows. Both residential and commercial building were damage due to winds and water. SERVPRO of Ocala crews have been working around the clock with other local SERVPRO storm team crews. It hard to see homes and business that we are use to seeing year after year damage like this, but we are resolved to help get the Crystal River community back up and running. SERVPRO of Ocala is grateful to the homeowners and business owners who have giving us their support 100%!